The Problem

Whether you're conducting medical research in radiology or building a revolutionary healthcare product involving Machine Learning or Image Post-Processing, you'll definitely need a substantial amount of well-attributed imaging datasets, the larger the better.

You're probably aware how scarce, outdated, and poorly attributed most of freely available image datasets are. And even if their quality meets your requirements, you'll still get the same data as everybody else, including your competitors. A custom dataset tailored to your needs will probably suit better, giving you potential advantage.

How We Do It

We can connect our customers with proper medical experts, organize efficient collaboration, and manage the data collection effort. If data matching the criteria is readily available, it can be provided without any delay, before the data collection yields its results.

Collaborating with a small number of available experts, no matter how good they are, may result in a biased data interpretation, and at the same time means low throughput. We can employ a large number of healthcare professionals, and implement cross-checks that allow for predictable quality of data and warrant significant image volume, fast.

Predictable Quality

  • Statistically valid measurements
  • Grading the experts based on their experience level

Standard Attributes

  • Pathology size, location, etc.
    Ground truth verification (histology, etc.)
  • Imaging equipment information, exposure parameters
  • Region of Interest (outlines for lungs, breasts; background segmentation, etc.)

Custom Labeling

  • Associated data from health records
  • Demographic data
  • Laboratory data

Transparent Process

  • Data collection progress is visualized online
  • Data points—like number of experts currently active, average time of labeling per case, number of cases labeled—are updated in real time
  • Time remaining estimates are available

Privacy Conformant

  • Anonymized data
  • Explicit data ownership transfer
  • The data is collected, processed, and stored in accordance with applicable regulations and research ethics

Data Formats

  • Images are standard DICOM (For Processing or For Presentation)
  • Labeling is JSON, XML, etc.

Predictable Quality

The labeling is done in a formalized way, the same image may be labeled by several experts to achieve the required level of statistical validity with the least possible amount of manual work. Every expert's grade, based on their experience, is taken into account. We are data scientists ourselves, after all.

You don't always need images labeled by world-class experts. If you want to compare your product to an “average” or “inexperienced” radiologists, you actually need the data coming from these groups.

What Do You Get

Buy Data

If the dataset you need is already in our library, you just download it

  • Immediately get a readily available dataset with standard attributes

Buy Data and
Subscribe for Updates

If some data is available, but its volume is not enough for you, you start immediately and get more over time

  • Immediately get a readily available dataset with standard attributes
  • Receive new labeled images and updates and corrections for the dataset when they become available

Data Collection Project

If custom labeling / specific experts are needed, a full-scale data collection project could be initiated

  • Get an initial subset of the dataset, if available
  • Periodically receive a predictable amount of new cases

Who We Are

During our own machine learning research, we've discovered the data availability problem which we believe we can actually solve with our capabilities and expertise in healthcare: engineering, project management, and medical experts community.

Recently, we've been collaborating with a major manufacturer of medical equipment and PACS storage solutions. We've just completed a series of data collection projects to help them develop and validate the image postprocessing algorithms used in their newest product. Over the course of these projects we've been also working closely with leading radiological diagnostic centers in Russia, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.

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